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Lomza brewery was the first company of this kind established after the Second World War. Its founding was determined and stirred by the discovery of good-quality and flavour abyssal water not far from Lomza. Examination of chemical and physical properties of the very water confirmed its technological suitability for brewing hop liquors. The first production line was launched in 1968.

Lomza Brewery comprises the very best of the beer making tradition and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control.

Łomża beers have become the best known brands in the northwestern part of Poland. The survey conducted by Pentor in 2003 revealed that 93% of consumers from our region knew Lomza beer. Lomza is appreciated and enjoys recognition by US customers, where it has been exported since May, 1997.

ZŁOTY KUR is a golden beer with a 5% alcohol content. It owes its gold color and subtle malt taste to the best products and the crystal clean water used in the production. It quenches the thirst ideally. Beer connoisseurs love it.