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Hevelius Beer is named after Johannes Hevelius – a famous Polish astronomer (1611-1687) with a tremendous passion for the stars. He built his own observatory in Gdańsk and catalogued 1564 stars, discovered 4 comets, and was one of the first to observe the transit of Mercury.

First brewed in Gdańsk in 1690, Hevelius Beer began with a proud heritage of Polish tradition and excellent brewing process. Named in honor of Johannes Hevelius, one of the most famous brewers in Gdańsk, no beer could equal the superb Hevelius brand. Even the king, Jan Sobieski, preferred Hevelius beer over others.

Today, after three hundred years of tradition we are proud to bring you a product that has been cherished by so many generations.

Hevelius is a pilsner-style beer – light yellow, very clear with a thin head.