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Amtec International of NY Corp. is an importer and distributor of Polish beers incorporated in the Sate of New York in 1995. Our main headquarters are located in New York with offices in Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey. We also have facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Buffalo, NY.


Our products are distributed throughout the United States. We import the following brands of Polish beer: EB, Dojlidy (Magnat & Zubr), Hevelius (Kaper and Classic),Lezajsk, Okocim Beer, Okocim Harnas, Okocim Malt, Okocim Palone, Piast, Warka, Lomza , Zywiec and Zywiec Porter. All brands are brewed and packaged in Polish breweries and imported into the United States.

Since 1995, Amtec has continued to grow as an importer and distributor. Its steady increase in sales has enabled Amtec to gain a stronghold on the beer importation industry and its market share.

Amtec has succeeded in becoming a major supplier of Polish beer throughout the local, tri-state area consisting of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Amtec's objective now is to enter the national market by promoting our most popular products - Okocim and Zywiec Beers - the most popular beers in Poland. These award-winning beers are made from centuries old, traditional Polish recipes.

We have expanded our sales to include areas outside the Polish community. Our products are increasing in popularity throughout the United States and we have been experiencing a steady growth in those areas. As we gain more popularity and increase our areas of distribution nationally, our quality beer will acquire a stronger market position among the top-selling, imported beers in the United States.